Adam Fong

b. June 21, 1980

Greenbrae, CA




(Updated May 2014)


After completing the MFA Composition program at California Institute of the Arts in May 2006 (I studied with James Tenney, and a bit with Wadada Leo Smith and others), I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I spent my first 24 years.  My waking hours are mostly spent with my family, at work, playing baseball, and reading and writing. If you're curious about my creative output, check out the Work section of this website for some music (scores and soundclips) and other art-related things.


In 2012, I co-founded the Center for New Music with Brent Miller. It's been a challenging and fulfilling journey so far; I serve as Executive Director and work on the Center full-time.


Among my personal musical highlights are a performance in 2007 by Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa of my composition "Sunlight" (from a series entitled Elementary Studies) in a concert of music for two pianos at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre (audio / review); before the concert I was stunned to find myself on a panel with Chen Yi, Charles Amirkhanian, and Philip Glass. More recently, I was honored to produce a number of special concerts for Other Minds, including Henry Cowell: The Whole World of Music, Rudhyar in Retrospect, and Something Else: A Fluxus Semicentenary. I worked as Associate Director of Other Minds from 2006 to 2012.


In 2008 I also co-founded a network for people working in the arts sector in/near SF, the Emerging Arts Professionals. I continue to represent EAP as Director of National Initiatives, a position I took in 2014 after serving as Director for 2+ years. I also keep busy with other projects including producing concerts with a collective of composers (we refer to ourselves as The Collected), and voicing my opinions on various panels and committees.


A few other tidbits: I did undergraduate studies at Stanford (English and Music) and hung around for an M.A. in English; I'm a Dad; I play on an amateur baseball team in a wood-bat league; I take my coffee black; I play the contrabass; I am allergic to cats.  If you want a more official-sounding biography, a recording of my music, or a chat over coffee, contact me.